HOLDBAR Members participating in 'Don't Run Out' 

Andreas Guld Konradsen

Product designer Andreas Konradsen's work is driven by problem solving. By incorporating 3D programs on par with traditional tools from early concept stages, he is able to realise his designs. He aims at condensing his products to their essence but never at the expense of their ability to induce excitement.

Anne Brandhøj

I work with food experience and furniture design. My approach can be summed up in one word: Craft. I experiment with materials and techniques. I create things with my hands.


Annika Göransson

Annika is a Swedish designer based in Copenhagen since 2008. Graduating with a Cand. Design MAA from KADK in 2013, Annika is working as a freelance designer in the fields of furniture, product, spatial and interior design.


Benjamin J. Kolstrup

Bejamin's design signature is an enthusiastic presence and will, to tell stories, share knowledge, through studying cultures & traditions. A design's origin and transparency is important, to show the use of craftsmanship and the potential of materials. Design responsibility and care is carved in the process stepping stones.


Fie Bjørch

Textile and concept designer, Fie Bjørch, is the visionary founder of Holdbar design group. With an interdisciplinary approach Fie holds experience within strategic concept design, textile design and design management. She is a dedicated entrepreneur working with sustainability as a premise in any material, process, project or final design.


Helle Clausen

I work in the borderland between art, design and storytelling. Always with a great respect for, and inspiration from nature, both in terms of sustainability, nature's intelligence and organic shapes. I like to form ideas, make concepts and create universes that tell a story both in form and content.

Iben Birch Bech

Bright colours, graphic forms and a wide mix of materials characterize Iben's work. She cares for botany and that we make sure the world goes around far into the future. After studying printmaking at RISD in Rhode Island, and with a masters in product and textile design from KADK, Iben has worked with clients including Boconcept and Molo kids.


Josephine Ehlers

Josephine graduated as a Masters of Arts in Design (product design) from KADK in 2014. Working in materials such as glass, ceramics and wood, she combines function and aesthetics in her designs.


Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen is a Danish design duo consisting of Emil Krøyer and Mads Sætter-Lassen. The duo was formed in early 2014 based on their common interest in untraditional materials and finding new ways of using them within their designs.


Miriam Brostrøm

I work within a range of design solutions; from the functional to the more conceptual, from 2D graphical projects to 3D objects.


Miriam Ortwed

Based in Copenhagen with a Master in Product Design from KADK, Miriam finds inspiration from the study and play of materials, functions and methods. Focusing on product and conceptual design, she also works with interiors, illustration and graphics.


Morgane Kerbrat

French born, German raised Morgane now resides in Copenhagen. She is a firm believer in conceptual work fusing aesthetic and material concerns. Her design projects vary in their use of material and technique, utilising progressive, contemporary and experimental approaches.


Morten Sylvest

Through performative experiments I investigate our relationship to objects, homes and living habits. For a period of 2 years I lived in more than 100 different Danish homes. Reflections and impressions from this trip has formed the basis for a number of installations, drawings, photographs and texts in the field between architecture and art.


Nikolai Kotlarczyk

Nikolai holds experience within design management, interior, exhibition and product design from his native Australia. A move from Melbourne to Copenhagen in 2013 led to him establishing his studio CZYK within culture house Øen. CZYK focuses on single material design and distinct component breakdown within multi-material pieces.


Signe Bjørch

Textile and fashion designer Signe Bjørch is driven by a love for colour, texture and materials. With a background in teaching, Signe designs with a attention towards environmental sustainability and responsibility. She works with a curiosity of expression, expectations and after life for her design.

Holdbar also has a dedicated group of external contributors offering their knowledge and support.

Kasper Kristensen

Kasper works with structural design and material modelling, focusing on structural behaviour and application of materials to architectural work and the building industry. His research is based on Green Transition, investigating the mechanical and durability aspects of how to substitute energy-consuming materials with climate-friendly materials such as sustainable timber. Kasper teaches at KADK and DTU in disciplines of understanding structures, and how to combine structural shape with material behaviour. 

Marie Holt Richter

Project manager and educator in sustainable development. Key words in my work are seeing greater contexts and complexities and mobilising people to act. I am profoundly passionate about creating a sustainable future, with a key to this being to engage and inform people and actors from all parts of society.


Photos by elliotbrochner.com