Doko Demo

Nikolai Kotlarczyk, Product Designer

Materials: Douglas Fir, Hemp Rope, Linoleum Oil Stains

Within our global society, we continue to search further afield for knowledge, experiences and objects. Our consumption is on a global scale. From the clothes we wear, to the food we eat.

As a product designer working within the field of mass production, I have become increasingly concerned with how the designer furniture and lighting industry approaches this issue of a globalised society. A piece of Danish furniture can be purchased in almost any country, without a link to place and time. Furniture is manufactured in a single factory and distributed globally. What if there was another approach?

Through my project, the Doko Demo stool aims to highlight an alternative, where smart design can bring the context of the end user into mass produced products. The piece utilises the off-cut flooring timber from Danish company Dinesen, and through it’s simple design language and widely available material choices, timber and rope, Doko Demo can be re-created at the point of use. By utilising current CNC manufacturing technology, this approach allows the end product to hold a place within its users environment through a representation of local materials and manufacturing. An approach that I believe is very much achievable by the design industry of today.


Nikolai Kotlarczyk
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