Everyday Object Analyser

Morten Sylvest, Architect / Artist

Materials: Plexiglass, transparent paper, concrete

In villas, flats, warehouses, garages, front and backyards more and more objects pile up day by day. These synthetic elements made by humans have never been used and will never be used. These piles of elements each has a function but together they are simply incalculable piles of plastic, metal, wood, rubber, copper, yellow, blue, green, red ahead of us in the thousands, and we almost never know how they end up there. Apart from being physical abandoned objects, these elements are also psychological landscapes of unfulfilled dreams, a loss of identity, ego tripping, overwork, divorce, childhood trauma and advertising campaigns.

Understanding our relationship with human made objects is one of the most important things to reflect upon in the years to come. I have started this research out of my own belongings: categorize, analyze, archive the objects I have. To make things more fun and easier I have started to make a series of installations/machines that helps me in this process.


Morten Sylvest
+45 31 18 15 63