Morgane Kerbrat, Product Designer

Materials: Recycled paper, calcium carbonate, secret ingredient

In order to attain a more sustainable lifestyle, small changes integrated in someone's everyday life can create big changes.

Inspired by reducing my personal waste, I investigated how it would be possible to actually transform it into something new. Surprised by the big amount of paper and cardboard trash that I produce on a daily basis I started researching about how paper is made and how it can be recycled.

Paper-like is a collection of objects made out of paper waste. These objects are basically 'baked' out of kitchen ingredients. Blended and mixed up with calcium carbonate, this material becomes stone hard, while still retaining the lightweight properties of paper. Shaped primitively by hand, Paper-like integrates itself into our everyday life without revealing its past uses.

My idea is to make something new out of waste material and show the diverse nature of paper.


Morgane Kerbrat
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