Recircle Tapestry

Miriam Ortwed, Multidisciplinary Designer

Materials: Recycled textiles

The intent was to create something using technological innovation aligned with handcraft whilst utilizing waste material from the textile industry. I wanted to explore how I could incorporate sustainability in using digital innovations in manufacturing, such as a laser cutter.

Following the old dictum: “reduce, reuse, recycle”, I gathered a large amount of cut-offs and other waste from textile companies and upholsterers in my area. Experimenting with a laser cutter as my tool, I designed a simple modular system of slots and tongues whereby the fabric locks into itself without need for stitching. RECIRCLE Tapestry is not sustainable on all parameters. You cannot throw it in nature and let it dissolve without an environmental impact. And laser cutting requires a decent amount of electricity. What IS sustainable is the recycling/upcycling aspect; both in material and durability. RECIRCLES can be re-used and re-assembled in many ways. The modular system creates possibilities of multiple purposes and engages the consumer, who will have a personal touch in the final look. This adds an emotional value to the design, which may help prolong the lifespan of the product.


Miriam Ortwed
+45 26 64 17 54

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