Yesterday's Paper

Miriam Brostrøm, Product Designer

Materials: Recycled linen and paper

Posters, newspapers, flyers, paper towels, children's drawings, notes and letters. This is just a small part of the things I have been collecting for the last month.

My sustainability experiment was to collect paper for a month. I wanted to get an insight in how much paper ended up in my bin without me even paying attention to it.

Starting out the project I found it really easy. But I quickly realised that i had a challenge in where to keep all the paper I gathered... and what to use it for.

I bought a "paper making kit" and started to reuse the paper in order to minimise the pile. But I realised that I was generating 1000 times more paper than I was able to use. So now I just have a beautiful stack of homemade paper waiting for me to write on.

I also used some of the paper in my HOLDBAR project -but this is less than 1% of all the paper I have gathered. 

During this project I have obtained a wider understanding of paper waste. It was interesting to see the pile of paper I had after a month. If I multiply that pile with 12, I have my paper waist for a year. And then again, If I multiply that with how old I hope to be. Wauw! That’s going to be a lot of posters, newspapers, flyers, paper towels, children drawings, notes and letters.


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