Krøyer-Sætter-Lassen, Product Designers

Materials: Ash Timber, Steel, Linoleum Oil Stain

Outil is a stool intended to be a multifunctional piece of furniture. The project started with a theoretical approach. This was to give a deeper understanding of the stool as an object and to produce empirical data that we could use in the project. In this context, our main focus has been different sustainability aspects, and quickly we found out that many problems in our present can be solved by looking in the past.

Therefore our starting point gave us different challenges to work with. Among others we have been designing with a minimalistic approach to make it easy for local classic craftsmanship to produce. Another major issue was choosing how to colour our product. In recent years many paint producers have been moving towards better ways of producing paint without polluting our environment. Through our research we fell upon several techniques that have been used hundreds of years ago. Techniques which are based on the extraction of nature's own resources and without compromising quality and the environment. Finally we choose to work with FSC certified ash wood as it’s durable strength will extends the lifetime of the furniture,  the consideration of easy flat packing and multiple function use.


Emil Krøyer
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Mads Sætter-Lassen
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