Colourful Water #1

Iben Birch Bech, Product Designer

Materials: Digital printed pattern with Oeko-tex certified colours on organic cotton

Colourful water #1 is a visual interpretation of both subjective thoughts as it's a reminder of the pollution caused by the commercialised textile industry. The main element used in the design, flowers, is classical when looking at the history of decorative textiles in fashion and interior. Colourful water #1 is giving this traditional first impression, but look closer to see coloured water is simulating polluted wastewater. The message behind the design is not to be pretty and fashionable at all. Digital printed with Oeko-tex certified colours on organic cotton, the production process of Colourful Water #1 is still imperfect and the design is not 100% sustainable. The ability of a dye to bond to fabrics still depends on a chemical coating. Many of these chemicals are difficult to filter or are removed when rinsing.

The process of producing commercial textiles involves an enormous amount of poisonous wastewater. Agriculture related to textiles is rarely organic and involves the use of pesticides seeping directly into groundwater. Dyeing colourful designs is leading toxic wastewater into rivers and lakes, making it impossible to use the water afterwards. This means extreme consequences for global nature and local life. Sources estimate that the textile industry is guilty of 20% of the blue planets industrial wastewater. Are cheap fashion clothes and interior textiles worth it, at a time when future water supply is in serious doubt?


Iben Birch Bech
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