Cabinet of Imperfections

Helle Clausen & Josephine Ehlers, Designers

Materials: Cabinet: plywood, ash wood, recycled leather and brass hinges. Experiments: plaster, textile, paper, yarn etc.

As designers working with sustainability, we are faced with the dilemma - does the world need more products? This dilemma motivated us to choose a philosophic, aesthetic and value oriented approach to sustainability, with the aim of communicating a message, rather than suggesting a new product. We want to promote a sustainable way of thinking, recognising imperfections and processes of decay, as a resource, instead of a disadvantage.

Cabinet of Imperfections contains a collection of experiments, which conveys our abstract interpretations of the aesthetic values of imperfections and phenomena of decay. Combining various materials and techniques, we translated our observations into aesthetic, textural and tactile experiments. By categorising and gathering them in a specially designed cabinet, they are highlighted as a value.

The viewer is invited to actively investigate the contents of the cabinet, and will hopefully be inspired to reflect upon the value and aesthetics of imperfections and decay, as well as the complexity of sustainability.

To support social sustainability, the cabinet boxes are fabricated by Hjemløsning, social enterprise, which activates homeless or formerly homeless citizens in a carpentry workshop. The surface of the cabinet is treated with flames, which is a signature mark for this workshop, and at the same time it adds to our visual concept.


Helle Clausen
+45 25 88 22 61

Josephine Ehlers
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