HOLDBAR is a group of young designers, artists and architects, all of which are based in Denmark, established in 2015. 


Our goal is

  • to challenge the understanding and thinking of what design is in a sustainable discourse;

  • to take personal responsibility for nature and the globe through our knowledge and actions as designers;

  • to be responsible for communicating and sharing our innovative and sustainable ideas and designs to the Danish public and those further afield. 


Projects and Exhibitions   

GRAN - Opening Event of HOLDBAR's GRAN Project in Hareskoven, 17th of June, 2017.

Don't Run Out  - Copenhagen 2016, Dome of Visions, 19th - 27th April 2016. 

Don't Run Out  - Paris 2015, Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris Design Week, 5th - 12th September 2015.




+ 45 24 61 55 57 / Anne Brandhøj - Chairwoman

Please scroll down to learn a little bit more about the diverse group of creatives that make up Holdbar, all based out of Copenhagen...coming soon.