HOLDBAR design group
presents Don't Run Out
in Copenhagen

19 - 27 April 2016
Dome of Visions
Søren Kierkegaards Plads
1016 Kbh K

Opening night
19 April from 19-22 h
with musical performance
by Télé Rouge

Photo by Télé Rouge

Photo by Télé Rouge


Is it possible to design products that are 100% sustainable? A newly established group of 16 Copenhagen based designers, architects and artists have asked themselves this question. They are called HOLDBAR and with their exhibition Don’t Run Out they challenge the notion and width of sustainable design – what it is and what can it be – and investigate the interpretation of sustainable design on various levels.

When talking about sustainability and sustainable design, it can be perceived as fake, hollow or constrictive. It is often related to irritating limitations and comes with an intuitive feeling that it can’t be 100% sustainable.

Through the exhibition Don’t Run Out, HOLDBAR aims to discuss how it is possible to design and construct products and concepts that serve sustainable development without being 100% sustainable within itself. When is a product sustainable enough? How can design facilitate a sustainable lifestyle? Is imperfect sustainability sustainable? HOLDBAR focuses on experimenting with processes that lead to a more sustainable lifestyle.

To read more about the processes and thoughts of HOLDBAR, visit:

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Within the designer's personal pages on this website, we have displayed a simple graphic that aims to demonstrate some of the key principles of sustainable design touched on by the members of HOLDBAR.

Individuals within HOLDBAR have chosen to focus on one or more of these areas, whilst always being aware of the complexity and enormity of the role design plays within our sustainable future. 

New technologies and systems that help us enhance the environmental aspects of contemporary design including digital manufacturing, biomimicry and new materials.

Includes the re-using and up-cycling of old materials, replacing existing materials with more sustainable alternatives, using more local materials, seeking out the cleanest option available. 

Including digital manufacturing, local manufacturing, open share manufacturing, with a focus on minimal environmental impact and workers’ conditions. 


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Can include smarter packaging design, breakdown of components within design for more efficient distribution, technology or changed working procedures to eliminate transport. 

Sharing bigger issues through both the design process and product to break old ways of thinking and to highlight existing unsustainable behaviours within design and consumption. 

Using design to change consumers, manufactures and distributors habits, facilitate sustainable choices and create new solutions for everyday needs and challenges.

Planned durability whether due to the strength of material and construction, to facilitation of repair or maintenance, or even by the product becoming its true self over time. 

How can design be re-used by others; broken down and re-cycled/up-cycled at the end of it’s current use/life; or be transformed once un-wanted in its current form or function. 


To celebrate the opening of the exhibition
Don't Run Out at Dome of Visions, HOLDBAR will be joined by Danish born and raised, French singing 3 piece, Télé Rouge.

Télé Rouge have also been involved within the process and conceptualisation of the exhibition. 

Photographer Amanda Hestehave exhibits the delicate product photos taken for HOLDBAR.  

Opening Night
19 April, 19 - 22 h
Dome of Visions
Søren Kierkegaards Plads
Copenhagen K