Graphic Design

Studio Atlant

Studio Atlant is a graphic design studio based in Copenhagen. We work primarily with typographic projects of all scales, ranging from books and publications to exhibitions, websites and identities. The studio is led by Stefan Thorsteinsson & Cecilie Nellemann, both received their MFA in graphic design from Yale University in 2013.


Product Photography

Amanda Hestehave

Perfect light creates structures and depth in photographs, and I use that as the most important tool when I photograph. If you think about it, there is a 100 things to consider when photographing, though working with the light is the most crucial to me.
My favorite aspect of working as a photographer is meeting new people and challenges at every gig. So far, photography has taken me around the world to Iceland, Hong Kong, Cape Town and New York. Currently, I split my time between Copenhagen and Paris.


Product Styling

Laura Faurschou

Laura Faurschou design studio is based in Copenhagen.
The studio is run by Laura Faurschou, a design graduate from the The Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts, School of Design.
The studio works within interiors, graphics and styling as well as furniture, product and lighting design.
The studio is working on several projects for Danish and international clients such as &Tradition, Norm architects and .



KLS Grafisk Hus

The Cradle to Cradle philosophy is inspired by nature, where waste is the same as food. It is about designing and producing our products without loss, pollution and waste.
It is not about limiting ourselves and minimising our footprint on the Earth, but about reversing the whole process: All materials should go through the biological and technical circle, where unused material becomes "food" for the next generation. That way we can eliminate recycling centres.