Fie Bjørch & Signe Bjørch, Concept and textile designers

Materials: Cover in 100%
C2C-certified wool, filling of dried eelgrass and textile waste material.


The design of Rest resumes an almost extinct Danish handcraft tradition to stuffing mattresses with dried eelgrass and “use what you got” by utilizing local, accessible material. It is a durable piece yet compostable due to the choice of 100% C2C-certified wool and dried eelgrass as cover and filling.

Seaweed washing up on Danish beaches is considered a natural waste material from the oceans, which can be harvested and utilized as a sustainable material in the Danish building and furniture industry.

To be present and to take a moment of Rest is a crucial aspect of living a balanced life.

The bright and earthy colors from the Nordic nature generate a tranquil yet dynamic expression. While using seaweed as filling when living near the coast, newspapers, straws or textile waste material can be used in urban or rural areas.


We have worked with Ib Ungermand, a farmer specialized in harvesting eelgrass for the purpose of insolation and traditional roof coverage. We also cooperate with Gabriel who has taken great responsibility in developing certified sustainable furniture fabrics, such as the C2C-certified wool.

Through partnerships we believe, as designers, that we can increase the level of sustainability in our design.


Fie Bjørch
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Project Sponsors:

Ib Ungermand