The Signal Light Series

Benjamin J. Kolstrup, Independent Designer and Maker

Materials: Danish brown cored ash wood & black stained Danish oak. Standard, separable light fixture.

The Signal Light series has been designed to fit local production, to minimise transport and create local employment in a standard wood workshop, anywhere in Denmark or other countries, for that matter. I’m very fascinated by crafts and really want to support this, instead of industrial mass produced, assembly line items. I like the local aspect and personal story behind it. Less is more! Brown cored Ashwood possesses a natural diversity, instilling a unique story and quality into each piece.

Though Denmark is a very small nation, we have 8750 km coastline and the life and resources is of great inspiration to me. Therefore the series consists of a Lantern, a Beacon and a Buoy. They’re trying to send a signal about more local sustainable awareness, regarding production and the originality and quality of crafts.


Benjamin J. Kolstrup
+45 26 39 35 26

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