Annika Göransson, Furniture Designer

Materials: Ash wood, vegetable tanned leather and natural latex.

Alfred is a storage system consisting of several pieces. The individual units can be arranged freely according to a spatial context and after specific needs.

The saying “out of sight, out of mind” turned out to be quite true when I, as my personal challenge, investigated how many of my things in storage I could actually remember. Alfred helps provide an overview of the things we own instead of hiding them away. The furniture is flexible in the sense that it can adapt to different settings and provide various expressions.

The main material is solid ash wood from the Danish forest. The surface is treated with a natural wax, which gives a durable protection. The cushion and the handles are made of vegetable tanned leather, the cushion fill is natural latex. Wood and leather are materials with a pleasant feel and high durability.  As time passes the chosen materials will age beautifully and the leather details will naturally be shaped after the user and get a fine patina.

Made of high quality materials and with a functionality that will make it last for a long time, Alfred is a piece of furniture worth bringing along from one home to the next.
- Holdbar design as I see it.


Annika Göransson
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