Anne Brandhøj, Furniture Designer

Materials: 100% Polyester: textile, ZenXit, Thread

Based on my design profession and my passion for furniture, I designed this product for people’s homes. The product is a cover for a dining chair. It adds new comfort and new expression to an existing chair.

For some time, I have observed that a lot of dining chairs are not kept for that long – either because the cover is worn and stained or because the owner does not like the look of it anymore. I have also noticed a growing tendency to mix and match the chairs around the table. They can differ – both in comfort and style.

My product is an interpretation from other types of covering – for example, furniture covered with sheets in an old estate or the ubiquitous white upholstery covers on chairs at a wedding. Both try to hide or embellish what is underneath.

This cover fits most dining chairs, as one can tighten the laces for both the seat and backrest. The cover gives the chair a soft seating surface because it is produced in soft fabrics with a layer of padding in between.

The shape bulges and wrinkles, and tightened fabric adds some aesthetic volume. Some areas are stretched, while some are bunched together.

The cover consists of ZenXit surrounded by two layers of fabric. ZenXit is a 3D printed alternative to PU foam. It has unique foamy properties and is very environmentally friendly. As well as ZenXit, the textile is also 100% polyester. This means that the entire product can be put into the same recycle bin.

When the cover is not used on a chair it can be filled with old clothes and laced together into a puff.


Anne Brandhøj
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