Andreas Glud Konradsen, Product Designer

Materials: Corroded steel, ash timber.

My products are never initially derived from romantic analogies or aesthetic observations. I do not contemplate turning shapes of a swans and oxen into sitting objects.

Rather my inspiration for initiating a project and the enthusiasm that keeps the process evolving is a strong theoretical concept that I can progressively continue to explore and develop.

With the Ripe chair I wanted to address my discomfort with the accelerating quantities and pace by which the design industry produces and replaces its objects.

The trend driven approach has created a new branch of consumers following the mantra "next is more".  

The RIPE chair however does not cater to the demands of the impatient user.

It is created without welds but by submerging it in the sea the slow process of corrosion merges the exposed steel construction to produce a sturdy frame that years later can be harvested from the sea bed.


Andreas Glud Konradsen
+45 51 51 90 05