HOLDBAR is a group of young designers, artists and architects, all of which are based in Denmark, established in 2015. 


Our goal is

  • to challenge the understanding and thinking of what design is in a sustainable discourse;

  • to take personal responsibility for nature and the globe through our knowledge and actions as designers;

  • to be responsible for communicating and sharing our innovative and sustainable ideas and designs to the Danish public and those further afield. 


HOLDBAR Members participating in our current project GRAN (2017)

Anne Brandhøj

Helle Sveistrup Clausen

Miriam Forchhammer Brostrøm

Josephine Lin Ehlers

Bastien Méraud

Iben Birch Bech

Jonas Edvard

Søren Oskar Duvald


Projects and Exhibitions   

GRAN - Opening Event of HOLDBAR's GRAN Project in Hareskoven, 17th of June, 2017.

Don't Run Out  - Copenhagen 2016, Dome of Visions, 19th - 27th April 2016. 

Don't Run Out  - Paris 2015, Galerie Joseph Turenne, Paris Design Week, 5th - 12th September 2015.




+ 45 24 61 55 57 / Anne Brandhøj - Chairwoman